Sunday, December 4, 2016

multi functional gift wrap decoration

Like most of you wrapping gifts for my loved ones is one of my favourite hobbies! Can you imagine how fortunate I feel that designing gift wrap paper and gift tags is my work? I feel so blessed! 

All of the above photo's show products I designed for wholesaler Ompak gift paper. Light gray marbled paper, black pine paper, silk paper (with the snowwy trees on it), gift tags and stickers. 

They are designed to make gift wrapping the easiest craft ever: small effort - huge effect. I love to design things that are multifunctional, so all of the tags can be used as other decoration too! You can hang them in the Christmas tree or string them and make a garland!

The tags and stickers (prices vary from € 1.25 per pack) are now for sale in my webshop: Jurianne Matter.

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