Friday, December 16, 2016

my autumn in 16 pics - and a few thoughts

Heading towards the longest night of the year I look back on the past season. How I love autumn!
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I said goodbye to summer, admired the golden leaves that made the trees look like they were on fire, walked through foggy landscapes early in the morning, and I packed the first christmas presents to send to friends far away.

Autumn is my mom's season, she is born in October. We all hoped with her she would leave this world while the leaves were red and brown... For her birthday she asked a double pneumonia! She lost everything, except her humour. But it is obviously not up to us. Instead of packing a fatal illness I made her an autumn leave garland with my home designed leaves.

It was the season Donald Trump got elected, the Syrian war got in a decisive phase and innumerable civilians were on the run or trapped in the war and lost their lives...
I more and more tend to cocoon in my mini world with colours, art,  good food, designs, my family, friends and not to forget the wonderful nature behind my house. Fortunately this tendency is balanced by a son who is very politically aware, who follows all the trouble spots in the world, knows the military strategies and has strong (adolescent!) opinions about all the international relationships.

And of course I worked - and I worked a lot - like always! Designing summer collections for Ompak Packaging, my own running business in between (with the always great help of Kim, my assistant!) and I attended my very first consumer event. Still don't know if it was worth all the energy, but I learned a lot and met some wonderful people: my real customers!

Looking back I can say: bye autumn, you had everything! Laughter, love, worries and work. Welcome winter! Can't wait to see what you are going to bring us...

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