Sunday, March 12, 2017

event not to be missed + a give away

creative life event, jurianne matter, creative entrepreneurs, dutch design

I am so looking forward to attend Creative Life, a brand new event with a beautiful concept!

This week I'll give a away 2 free entry tickets for you and your friend.. How to win them? You can find more information (in Dutch) on my instagram feed!

Creative Life will be held in the impressive Werkspoorkathedraal in Utrecht on March 24, 25, 26.
The photo (below) was taken during our meet & greet last Monday. A real industrial cathedral: huge, high and light.

werkspoorkathedraal, creative live event, jurianne matter, dutch design, workshops
This event is all about INSPIRATION. A super long list of Holland's most inspirational creative entrepreneurs will be present. Most of them will be selling their (handmade) products, crafts materials, or tools. A great part of them - and this is the key of the concept -  will be giving workshops. So next to some shopping there will be lots of activities and things to learn and experience...

Are you into learning new things? For example how to make your personal letterpress poster, a bottle garden, or do Japanese Sashiko embroidery? The prices per workshop are low, so you can easily attend a couple of them during the day. Check the workshop list here.

There will be some very interesting speakers as well. For example Suus Slee from Foodbandits, foodblogger and instagram expert, will be there to share her knowledge, tips and tricks about social media. I know her and I can tell you: she is good at it and we can learn so much from her!
Don't miss it!
werkspoorkathedraal, creative live event, jurianne matter, dutch design, workshops, foodbandits

There are many reasons to visit my stand (nr. 19), first of all: I would love to meet you! Next to seeing my designs 'live' you can check out my personal ideas for displaying them. On top of that we will be having a sample sale as well! 

Sun posters, unpacked for only € 10,- (normal price € 18,95)

Single Circles for € 0,50 per piece. So if you have one particular Circle favorite, now's the time to buy 10 or 20 of the same kind! (normal price € 10,50 for 9 different circles in one package)

And lots of sets (wish boats, sing angels, XL angels) with a SAMPLE sticker on them for real small prices.

Only at Creative Life: We will be selling the brand new Reijse floating boats per piece! If one of us has his/her hands free we will also be happy to make the boat ready to set sail on the spot! So you come back home with a ready made boat for only € 3,50! 

werkspoorkathedraal, creative live event, jurianne matter, dutch design, workshops, floating lightboats, Sun poster, Circles, paper design

My friends from Ompak Gift wrapping paper will be my neighbours at the event! As you probably know wholesaler Ompak sells mostly large rolls of 100 metres to shops who use it to wrap the products for the customers.

Only at Creative Life Ompak is going to sell small rolls of 2 metres, small packages of camera tags, butterflies etc. And the best part of it, hihihi: It's me who designed most of the collections (see below)! So come over and grab this unique opportunity!

Hope to meet you at Creative Life!

Ompak verpakkingen, vintage camera gift tags, gift wrap paper, paper design, pattern design, jurianne matter