Saturday, September 9, 2017

my custom made showUP stand!

my new trade show stand
Assistant Kim in action at the showUP stand
HEIM - new tiny houses on the back wall
The almost empty back wall...
Sing TOO - new paper angels hanging
organic tea towels - black and white print
Hanging designs on the racks

For this fall I was determined: no small showUP stand with a standard table for JM anymore!

I wanted a real stand, spacious and custom made for me and my designs. I had a long list of requierments this new stand should meet, but I felt so insecure and therefore kind of clueless. 

I asked Jenna Postma for help. She's a designer with a good spacial insight, experienced in store design and she had the guts to make some changes I was hesitating about. 

She came up with the concept of coloured blocks with racks for the designs that should hang. The designs itself played the main role (requirement 1) and the packages were half hidden in the niches in the back of the blocks. The back wall was almost empty: 3 shelves only, with the 3 new designs on it.

With this concept Jenna created the minimalist and tranquil look & feel I wished for so badly. I changed the colours, the size of the blocks here and there and changed the layout a bit, but left her idea for the back wall. 

Trade show partner, my dear husband Peteer built and painted everything. I was so happy with it. Loved the ochre brown with the nude color on the blocks, loved the visual tranquility ánd the spaciousness. So thanks Jenna, for giving me this great push in the right direction. It was lovely working with you!

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