Friday, September 8, 2017

my summer on instagram

bergen aan zee - beachgreen leaves collage + vintage ceramic vase
blooming heath & a scotth highlanderjurianne in the Hermitage Amsterdam + black organic tea towels
Morning walks - spotting deer
engel-winkel-café Zwolle and a garland made of my Weave lanterns

While the rain is pouring on my roof today I think back on how this summer was. I selected some pics from my Instagram feed to give you an overview...

I worked hard this summer: I had no vacation, but lots of morning walks, I reached my goals (yay) and Peter and I even spent a day or two at the beach and some hours in museums here and there.

I just launched 3 new designs at the large (it was mega this time!) showUP trade fair,  I will write a blogpost about them later. 

Peter and I will go on holiday to Crete next week! We will leave the boys at home for the first time ever... (with a clear and signed contract about 'home alone parties', cleaning up, etc). I really have to make a start to let this go, for my own sake. I need this vacation - walking the gorges, reading books, snorkling - soooo much!

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